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Seth Ross

Youth Ministry Director

Ross Fam-04

God has blessed me with a passion for His Word and His people ever since I came to acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior over 17 years ago. As a young high school student I jumped into every ministry team, leadership team, mission trip, evangelism project and outreach event that was available.

The experiences I had under the wonderful leadership of Teens for Christ in Western Kansas helped develop my heart for people with a more strategic focus. After high school I spent several years in lay ministry at local churches and colleges.

My wife and I were very excited to head off to Dallas Theological Seminary in the fall of 2010 after years of praying for the opportunity to advance my understanding of how to study God’s Word. Every semester of seminary brings new challenges. The languages, Greek & Hebrew are by far the most difficult classes. But the benefit of seeing lives changes by God’s Word is more than worth the effort put into learning to read it correctly.

I have always had a heart for one-on-one discipleship, evangelism, missions, and good Biblical teaching. Those are a few of the things I found Grace Bible Church to be about. Edie & I are excited to be back in Hutchinson, KS and to be surrounded by a Church family that loves the Lord and encourages us to serve Him well.

I am blessed to be here and grateful for the opportunity to minister to young adults during some of the most trying and challenging times in their lives. As these young adults transition from junior high to high school, from high school to college and from college to career, it is my desire to be there alongside them, encouraging them to strengthen their relationship with Jesus as they are asked to make some of the hardest decisions of their lives.