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Weekly eNews: December 15, 2017

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For Sale: 1967 Austin Healy red convertible, Instep bike trailer (can transport two children), pull-behind fertilizer spreader
To Give Away: Little Tikes picnic table, infant/toddler snow sled
Contact Jenny Mitchell: 620.960.8682

Looking For: car to rent/buy/borrow
Contact KariAnne Frazer: 661.755.3251 or

Looking For: full-size stainless steel or black refrigerator
Contact Penny Moore: 620.727.7606

Looking For: bike
Contact Kirk Surdi: 405.435.0134

For Sale: 2008 Hustler Fastrak 48" Zero-Turn Riding Mower
Contact Heidi Folmer: 620.664.8522

To Give Away: ping pong table
Contact Michelle Miller: 620.257.8769